About The Women’s Psychotherapy Center

Your journey is unique, and at the Women’s Psychotherapy Center, we recognize and honor that. Whether in-person or through our secure teletherapy platform, our passionate team of therapists in Monmouth County, New Jersey is here to provide women with individualized, evidence-based, and trauma-informed care every step of the way.

Personalized & Women-Centric Therapy in Monmouth County, NJ

Navigating Trauma Together

Our therapists integrate a trauma-informed approach, recognizing and respecting the unique experiences each woman brings to therapy sessions. 

Your Journey, Your Way

We respect and honor your unique story. At WPC, our therapists tailor treatment to your personal needs and goals, ensuring therapy is a collaborative process that evolves with you. 

Wellness in Your Own Home

At WPC, expert mental health care for women meets flexibility and convenience. Our teletherapy option ensures that quality mental health care is just a click away. 

Especially for Women 

We have a nuanced understanding of women’s mental health – specifically in trauma, perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, parenting issues, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and autism spectrum disorder. 

The Women’s Psychotherapy Center: A Safe Haven for Healing, Growth, & Transformation

At the core of the Women’s Psychotherapy Center is an unwavering dedication to women’s wellness and mental health – with a deep and specialized understanding of the many ways trauma can impact all of our lives. At WPC, we understand that trauma isn’t always caused by a major, life-threatening event – it can be rooted in your childhood, your relationships, or other experiences that have disrupted your emotional, physical, and psychological health. 

Born from a vision to create a safe space where every woman feels understood and empowered, the Women’s Psychotherapy Center is more than just a therapy clinic—it’s a place of healing, growth, and transformation. Taking an adaptive and highly customized approach to mental health care, our strategies and techniques are tailored to each individual woman we treat. Whether we meet in-person or virtually, we’ll help you to process your past experiences, find healing, build resilience, and continue to grow into the woman you aspire to be. 

Meet Dr. Lauren Gerardi:
The Founder of WPC

Embarking on her therapeutic journey in the bustling cityscapes of New York, Dr. Lauren Gerardi established her solo private practice in 2015. In 2020, she transitioned to New Jersey and began deepening her focus on the multifaceted complexities of sexual trauma. This was the seed that blossomed into the creation of the Women’s Psychotherapy Center in 2023. 

Dr. Gerardi and her team offer a wide spectrum of treatments tailored to women’s unique challenges, from trauma to perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. With an unwavering commitment to compassionate care, WPC stands as a beacon for women seeking personalized, trauma-informed therapy in their pursuit of healing and growth.

Meet the Team at the
Women’s Psychotherapy Center 

Meet our exceptional team at WPC, a group of passionate therapists deeply committed to women’s mental health. Together, we blend expertise and empathy, ensuring every woman feels understood, supported, and empowered on her mental health journey.