Individual Therapy
for Teens

Growing up as a young girl in today’s world comes with its own unique set of challenges and emotions. At The Women’s Psychotherapy Center, we specialize in teen therapy in Monmouth County, NJ, ensuring your teenager receives the understanding and support they need during these transformative years. 

Choose Your Starting Point

Free Consultation

Request a free 20-minute phone consultation with our Clinical Director by calling our office or requesting an appointment online. This initial conversation is an opportunity for you to ask questions, determine if therapy is right for you, and ensure we’re the best fit for your needs. 

First Appointment

Schedule a thorough intake session with any of our therapists where we delve into your unique challenges and set the groundwork for effective treatment. We value the right fit—so if you decide, within 24 hours post-session, that our approach isn’t for you, there’s no charge.

Start Growing With Us

With our therapists’ deep expertise in diverse therapeutic modalities and specialization in areas related to women’s mental health, we craft a therapy experience uniquely for you. We’re here to help you grow, evolve, and overcome the challenges that come your way.

Guiding Her Toward Brighter Days 

The teen years aren’t just a phase filled with angst, rebellion, and uncertainty – these years are deeply personal and definitive. And for many teens, they can be incredibly challenging, filled with pressure and a longing for acceptance.

At WPC, we recognize that every teen’s story is unique, and that just like any adult who walks into our office, they deserve to be treated with respect and have agency over their healing and care. With warmth and understanding, we create a space where they can freely express and explore their emotions, unpack trauma, find their voice, and embrace their individuality. 

How We Can Help: An Overview of Our Teen Therapy Services in Monmouth County, NJ

The teen years, though challenging, hold immense potential for growth and self-discovery. At WPC, we’re committed to helping your teen navigate their newfound independence and the challenges they’re facing today with confidence – equipping them with resilience and invaluable life skills that will set them up for a brighter future.  

Trauma & PTSD Support

If your teen has experienced a trauma – whether recent or years in the past – we’re here to help them process what they’re feeling and find a way forward. 

Anxiety & Depression Management

From hormonal changes to difficulties coping with life changes, many teens struggle with depression and anxiety. We offer strategies and coping mechanisms to help them thrive. 

Autism Spectrum Support

We understand the unique challenges faced by teens on the spectrum. If your child has mild ASD, we can help them to develop social skills and ignite emotional growth.   

Collaborative Healing Approach 

We view parents as essential allies on their child’s mental health journeys. We collaborate with families, securing your teen’s support system and strengthening the family as a whole.

Perinatal Mental Health Awareness

Teen pregnancies come with unique emotional challenges. We offer compassionate support, ensuring young mothers navigate this phase with resilience and understanding. 

Building Self-Esteem & Confidence 

The teenage years are crucial for self-discovery and self-worth. We work with teens to grow their confidence, helping them navigate peer pressures and societal expectations with grace and assertiveness.


Sometimes our struggles require a deep approach to unearth solutions. At WPC, we utilize EMDR as an effective treatment for women suffering post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, phobias, and many other conditions.

Helping Women Grow:
The Benefits of Partnering With WPC

Trauma-Informed Approach 

Our team adopts a trauma-informed lens, valuing and acknowledging every woman’s distinct life experiences within the therapeutic setting.

Individualized Treatment Paths 

With a wide range of psychotherapy modalities in our therapeutic toolkits, we completely tailor your care to your unique experiences, goals, and needs. 

Secure Online

Access expert therapy services without taking the drive to Monmouth County. With teletherapy, you can access care when and where it’s most convenient. 


Our specialization lies in addressing the many facets of women’s health through every stage – from adolescence to pregnancy and beyond. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, therapy for teens is uniquely crafted to suit the specific challenges of adolescence. Unlike adult therapy, it considers factors like developmental stage, social pressures, school dynamics, and the transitional phase they’re in between childhood and adulthood.

Confidentiality is an essential aspect of any therapeutic relationship. We believe in the importance of family involvement and collaboration, and we also prioritize creating a safe space for your teen. We will always have a clear discussion upfront about the specific content of their sessions that can be kept private, and the kinds of information that must be shared. This encourages open and honest communication.

It’s not unusual for teens to feel unsure or even resistant to therapy at the outset. Our therapists work diligently to build trust and establish a genuine connection with each teen, making them feel valued and understood. Over time, this trust-building often eases any initial reservations.

Being an active and understanding participant in your teen’s mental health journey can make all the difference. Beyond the sessions, it’s about maintaining open lines of communication, being empathetic to their feelings, and being there for them. We’re here to offer guidance and strategies to ensure you’re best supporting your teen’s well-being.

Yes, we offer teletherapy options suitable for teens, especially in our digitally connected age. Numerous studies have shown that teletherapy can be as effective as in-person sessions. Our therapists are trained to create a therapeutic environment online that feels supportive, ensuring your teen receives the care they need, whether they’re at home or on the go.

At WPC, while we have expertise in various areas, we do not specialize in eating disorders or substance use treatments for teens. We believe in providing the best care, so if your teen is facing these challenges, we’re more than willing to provide appropriate referrals to specialists who can best address these specific issues.

Yes! At The Women’s Psychotherapy Center, we work with individuals of almost all ages. We tend to work with children ages eight to nine years old and up, throughout their lifespan. However, it depends on the individual child’s needs as well as the expertise of the assigned therapist. If you are interested in our services for a younger child, please give us a call or schedule a free phone consultation so we can further assess your individual needs and goals.