Individual Therapy
for Women

Navigating life as a woman brings a spectrum of experiences, challenges, and emotions. At The Women’s Psychotherapy Center, we specialize in women’s individual therapy in Monmouth County, NJ and through our secure teletherapy platform. We’re dedicated to providing a safe space where you can find clarity, heal, and grow through all of life’s stages.

Choose Your Starting Point

Free Consultation

Request a free 20-minute phone consultation with our Clinical Director by calling our office or requesting an appointment online. This initial conversation is an opportunity for you to ask questions, determine if therapy is right for you, and ensure we’re the best fit for your needs. 

First Appointment

Schedule a thorough intake session with any of our therapists where we delve into your unique challenges and set the groundwork for effective treatment. We value the right fit—so if you decide, within 24 hours post-session, that our approach isn’t for you, there’s no charge.

Start Growing With Us

With our therapists’ deep expertise in diverse therapeutic modalities and specialization in areas related to women’s mental health, we craft a therapy experience uniquely for you. We’re here to help you grow, evolve, and overcome the challenges that come your way.

Empowering Women Through Individualized Therapy

The journey of womanhood isn’t linear. It’s a tapestry of joys, sorrows, life transitions, and moments of self-discovery. At WPC, we’re not just familiar with the intricate challenges and unique pressures women face – we’re deeply attuned to them. Employing a trauma-informed and highly individualized approach, we ensure that every story, every hurt, and every aspiration is treated with utmost respect and understanding. 

With empathy, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to fostering resilience, we offer a guiding hand to help you embrace every season of life, finding balance, strength, and fulfillment along the way.

How We Can Help: An Overview of Our Women’s Therapy Services in Monmouth County, NJ

As women, the roles we play and the challenges we face evolve over time. Understanding the depths of a woman’s experiences requires expertise and compassion. At WPC, we combine both, offering therapy services tailored to the multifaceted lives of women. We’re here to provide expert support, helping women thrive through each chapter of their lives.

Parenting Support

Being a parent can bring about a wide array of challenges and emotions, especially if your child is dealing with emotional or behavioral difficulties. We’re here to help women cope, adapt, and thrive throughout their motherhood journey.

Trauma & PTSD Therapy

Women often carry deep-seated traumas, both seen and hidden. Our trauma-informed approach ensures a safe space for healing and recovery – recognizing the nuanced impact trauma can have.

Autism Spectrum Disorder in Adults

Women with autism spectrum disorder face unique challenges, often masked or misunderstood. We offer a supportive environment to explore these challenges, build social skills, and enhance self-awareness.

Anxiety & Depression Management

We understand the unique ways women experience anxiety and depression. With specialized therapeutic interventions, we aim to help women build resilience and find lasting relief.

Perinatal & Postpartum support

We’re here to help new mothers and mothers-to-be cope, adapt, and thrive during these transformative times.

Chronic Pain and Mind-Body Disorders

The connection between the mind and body is profound. We guide women through understanding and healing chronic pain or conditions where emotional distress manifests as physical symptoms.


Sometimes our struggles require a deep approach to unearth solutions. At WPC, we utilize EMDR as an effective treatment for women suffering post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, phobias, and many other conditions.

Helping Women Grow:
The Benefits of Partnering With WPC

Trauma-Informed Approach 

Our team adopts a trauma-informed lens, valuing and acknowledging every woman’s distinct life experiences within the therapeutic setting.

Individualized Treatment Paths 

With a wide range of psychotherapy modalities in our therapeutic toolkits, we completely tailor your care to your unique experiences, goals, and needs. 

Secure Online

Access expert therapy services without taking the drive to Monmouth County. With teletherapy, you can access care when and where it’s most convenient. 


Our specialization lies in addressing the many facets of women’s health through every stage – from adolescence to pregnancy and beyond. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A trauma-informed approach means that we prioritize understanding the impact of trauma in a person’s life – and recognizing that most people have been affected by trauma in some way. Our therapists are trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of trauma in clients and integrate knowledge about trauma into their practices, creating a safe environment for empowering your healing and growth.

Yes, while we are experienced in many areas, we don’t specialize in the treatment of eating disorders, substance abuse, personality disorders, or severe mental health issues. We believe in providing the best care, and if we feel you’d benefit from a different specialist or approach, we will provide appropriate referrals.

Yes, we use Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT), an evidence-based modality, which helps retrain the way the brain interprets and responds to pain. Because the mind and body are interconnected, chronic pain can alter the brain’s neural pathways. Likewise, pain can also be psychophysiologic by nature, stemming from the mind rather than the physical body. Through PRT, the brain can eventually break its learned association with pain, allowing for a more comfortable life.

A typical session with us usually lasts about 45 minutes. During this time, you and your therapist will engage in a focused discussion, exploring your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. The goal is to work towards understanding challenges and setting tangible goals for personal growth and well-being.

Confidentiality is a cornerstone of our therapeutic relationship. We take all necessary measures to protect your privacy. Everything you share within the confines of our sessions is kept strictly confidential unless there’s a risk of harm to yourself or others. This dedication to privacy fosters an environment of trust, where you can openly express and navigate your feelings.

At WPC, we’re equipped with an array of therapeutic approaches to address the unique challenges and experiences of women. Our modalities include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to address patterns of thinking and behavior, Psychodynamic therapy which delves into past experiences to understand present behaviors, Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) especially for trauma-related concerns, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) for trauma resolution, and more. We always tailor our approach to best fit each individual’s experiences, goals, and preferences.

Yes! We recognize that women often live very busy lives with multiple commitments and schedules to juggle. Teletherapy is a great and equally effective option that makes therapy more convenient and accessible. These online sessions maintain the same level of professionalism, privacy, and personalized care as in-person meetings. Whether you’re traveling, at home, or in a different location, our teletherapy ensures you can consistently access the support you need.