Frequently Asked Questions

While we are out-of-network and do not accept insurance, we offer courtesy billing and will gladly handle all of the out-of-network billing for you. This includes verifying your benefits, submitting all claims, and doing our best to ensure you receive reimbursement. (Most people get 60–75% back from insurance).

Yes, we absolutely offer teletherapy, providing the same quality and effectiveness of care with added flexibility and convenience, and ensuring top-tier mental health care is just a click away.

At The Women’s Psychotherapy Center, we welcome individuals of all genders. We frequently work with the partners and family members of the women and girls that we treat, and will offer them their own individual therapy if that is needed or desired. Having several family members seen individually at the same practice can facilitate communication and collaboration among providers in a way that is often not possible when individuals are seen at separate practices.

While we don’t offer family or couples therapy, our therapeutic process heavily involves family members, especially when working with children and teens. We believe in the importance of involving family in treatment and integrating them into sessions when it’s clinically apt and beneficial.

No, we don’t provide psychological testing or assessments. However, if you believe you need one, we can guide you in understanding if it’s beneficial and provide trusted referrals. Post-assessment, we’re here to help you comprehend and integrate the results into your daily life.

Price will vary by therapist according to their level of training and experience. However, should you decide not to continue with our services within 24 hours after the appointment, the fee will be waived.

We don’t treat eating disorders, substance abuse, personality disorders, or severe mental health disorders. Our core specialties are trauma, PTSD, perinatal mental health, chronic pain, mind-body disorders, anxiety, depression, parenting issues, and autism spectrum disorders.

Sliding scale fees are adjusted fees based on a client’s ability to pay. This system allows us to provide therapy services to a wider range of individuals, ensuring affordability and accessibility.

Therapy sessions with us typically last about 45 minutes and occur once per week. During this time, you and your therapist will engage in a focused discussion, exploring your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. The goal is to work towards understanding challenges and setting tangible goals for personal growth and well-being.

Your first session, or the intake appointment, is an opportunity for us to understand your needs, history, and therapeutic goals. It sets the foundation for our subsequent meetings. It is also an opportunity for you to determine if your therapist is a good “match” for you, and for your therapist to make sure that we are the right provider to meet your needs

Yes, based on availability and the therapist’s specialization, you can indicate a preference. We strive to match each client with a therapist who’s best suited to their needs. All clients at The Women’s Psychotherapy Center are welcome to speak with the Director, Dr. Lauren Gerardi, at any time if they have concerns about the fit between themselves and their therapist.

At The Women’s Psychotherapy Center, we work with individuals of almost all ages. We tend to work with children ages eight to nine years old and up, throughout their lifespan. However, it depends on the individual child’s needs as well as the expertise of the assigned therapist. If you are interested in our services for your child, please give us a call or schedule a free phone consultation so we can further assess your individual needs and goals.